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About us

Arcform is a Titirangi based architecture practice. We work closely with our clients and consultants to create bespoke designs that are tailored to each project. From house alterations to housing developments, we are committed to creating environmentally conscious and energy efficient buildings. By considering materiality and the way buildings are used and occupied, we create homes that are both beautiful and functional. 


The team at Arcform take a collaborative approach through the resource consent process that balances great outcomes for clients and the environment. They are efficient and detailed orientated all which has proven itself in receiving minimal requests for further information from Council. The team are a pleasure to work with and have a commitment to their work and obligations that is unparalleled. - Barker and Associates

We have worked on our last few projects closely with Arcform. We always find them a pleasure to deal with, they are efficient and timely with any site requests and will always take a call for any queries that need clarification. We're looking forward to continuing our relationship. - Anton from Proven Projects

We were really impressed with the work Arcform did for us on the design of our renovation, they worked their way through all the complexities with us and were patient and understanding of difficult site. We would have no problem recommending them to anyone else looking for an Architect.  - Brent and Hayley

Arcform has been a pleasure to work with on the plans for our renovation. He has gone above and beyond what we expected, thought laterally, considered cost, aesthetic and practical implications of changes, and been very quick to process Council queries or our own queries. - Natalie and Matthew

The Process
Initial meeting

During the initial stage of the project, we meet to gain a deep understanding of your project vision, objectives, and desired outcomes. Our main objective during this phase is to create a comprehensive architectural brief that serves as a project-specific guideline, covering project parameters, timeframe, key milestones, financial requirements, and the scope of our services.


Before fully committing to the project or purchasing sites, a feasibility study is conducted to investigate the initial possibilities and test the commercial viability of the project. This stage allows us to establish project strategies, assess site planning rules, and check if the preferred proposal aligns with commercial outcomes.

Preliminary Design

During this stage, the concept is refined to meet the desired outcomes. We coordinate and integrate feedback from consultants, councils, and other relevant parties. The building form is finalized, spatial arrangements are formalized, and materiality selections are made. This stage also includes chairing project control group meetings, and preparing architectural documentation for preliminary cost estimation.

Developed Design

The developed design stage focuses on further refining the preliminary design to incorporate consent conditions. It involves working with consultants collaboratively to finalize the spatial requirements and building form. At this stage the design is sufficiently defined to provide a clear understanding of the scope of works. If required we can prepare Resource Consent drawings to ensure sustainable and responsible development while minimizing adverse effects on the environment and community. 


Comprehensive technical documentation is needed to obtain building consent, establish pricing, and facilitate construction. This includes the creation of general arrangement drawings, construction details, material specifications, and the identification of components and systems necessary. The process involves gathering and organizing consultant documentation, preparing the essential documents for the Building Consent application, and promptly addressing any requests for information from the council.

Contractor Procurement

During this phase, the contractor selection process involves inviting tenders from a preselected group of contractors to secure a competitive fixed price. Supplementary architectural tender documentation may be prepared if necessary, and a comprehensive evaluation of the tender submissions is conducted. Based on this assessment, the construction contract is awarded to the most suitable contractor.

Contract Administration

For complex projects, contract administration is recommended to ensure the construction contractor delivers according to the contract terms and to facilitate fair and prompt payments. We can act as impartial contract administrators, chairing site meetings, reviewing contractor progress payment claims, responding to queries, and ensuring compliance with documentation and code of compliance certificate requirements.

Site Observation

We can provide site observation by attending site meetings and visits, responding to site queries, offering architectural suggestions, inspecting defects during and after construction, and attending project control group meetings and project design group meetings. This stage allows us to identify and address issues, ensuring that the construction aligns with the design intentions.

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